Friday, November 29, 2013

Letter Home- November 11th, 2013- Transfer to Olympia

Olympia has been so great so far. It's way bigger than my last area and I constantly feel lost, but we have seen so many miracles already. Elder Lonas and I get along really well too which has made this week so good. He is a good singer and writes music so he's been asking me to help him out and sing some of his songs with him. Ha, it's super fun. Why didn't you tell me to do choir through high school? I think I would have loved that.

Missionaries here can still drive on their last transfer. Thank goodness, or else we'd be completely lost 24/7.... 

I think that's bout all I have to update you on! Oh, I don't know if mom told you but I would like my dark grey cardigan sent up here since it's so freaking cold. I'll remind mom again as well.

Thanks mom and dad! It's always great hearing from you. Can't wait to talk to you on Christmas! Love you :)

Elder Burton

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