Friday, November 29, 2013

Letter Home- July 29th, 2013

Background story: Our mom takes care of the missionaries in the Austin area by serving them dinner. Throughout the year, she has had the opportunity of becoming their mom away from home. She recieved the following poem from an Elder that was about to go home.
"Texas Mom"

Running around from house to house

She's helping others like mighty mouse

Making "Yuka" bread all day long

Tolerates the missionaries as they sing their Japanese song

Japan, China, Korea - the Utah folks find them all the same

If you tell that to her she'll give you the eye and bring you shame

People ask her, "how is it done?"

She will smile and say from the Only Begotten Son

He gives her strength through all her trials

Even when He feels further than 1,000 miles

If you haven't figured out by now I'm talking about Sister Burton

I'm sure with all the characteristics I have made it quite certain

I'm so grateful for all that she does

My expectations for a wife is now greater than it was

Best "Texas Mom" I could have won

I hope she will be proud to call me her "Texas Son"

Here is Elder Burton's response:
Oh man, that poem is awesome! However, that missionary needs to realize that mom has a "Texas Son" and that's me :) It's awesome that mom has taken care of the missionaries down in Texas. I guess we'll just have to have them over at least once a week when I get back :)


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