Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Letter Home- March 10th, 2014

We don't have dinner appointments too often in this ward. It's definitely not like my last ward where we had the next month completely filled out before I left! It's getting better though. I really just like having a good home cooked meal. I've been living off cereal lately since we just don't have time to make lunch and dinner. Too much to do here in Lakewood! 

We were able to be a part of two baptisms this weekend. J__ and P__ are two UBCs (separate families) that we have been working with for a while. I had the opportunity to confirm J__ (kind of spur of the moment type of thing - his dad got really nervous and asked me to do it), so that was cool. 

For p-day today we are planning on playing sports at the stake center like usual. We aren't allowed to be together with the sisters except for twice a transfer (safety thing) so it's just gonna be us elders today. 

That's ok though, we have great guys in the zone. Oh, I'll be sending home a box of some stuff I just haven't used in a while so be looking for that.


Elder Burton

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