Monday, December 23, 2013

Letter Home- December 16th, 2013

Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. Hopefully you get over it in the next few days!
Elder Lonas is going home on Wednesday. It's so sad! He and I have become really good friends. It's been hard preparing for his farewell. I think this is gonna be a sad transfer meeting. 

So, Lonas and I had an incredible miracle this past week. We have been working with this investigator named ***** since I came into the area. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and is in 2 Nephi now and has gone to church every week I've been here. She's even gone to 2 or 3 baptisms, but she just wouldn't commit to being baptized herself. Well, we stopped by Wednesday morning to read some of the Book of Mormon with her and we asked her if she had been praying about the Book of Mormon and about baptism. She really shocked us with her answer: "No. I guess I forgot all about that!" After a bit of chastising on our part we committed her to pray about baptism for that weekend. She said that she had some other issues on to deal with (family problems), but that she would try, but not commit. We left a little disappointed, but came back the next day to check up on her. She invited us inside and said "I've cleared up my schedule so I can be baptized. Is this Saturday ok with you?" DUH. We were so freaking excited! Well, of course Satan got to working right then. We found out that the water heater at the church had broke a few days prior so the water was FREEZING. We spent all day Saturday boiling water and filling the font pot by pot. In the end the water was still cold, but not nearly as bad as it could have been. Oh man, I just love miracles :)

Oh, and last night we got a call from a PMF saying that their 9 year old son wants to be baptized in a few weeks. Ha! We'll start teaching him tomorrow.

Can't wait to talk to you next week. Love you!

Elder Burton

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