Monday, December 23, 2013

Letter Home- December 2nd, 2013

Whoa, it is not 3 weeks until Christmas. That's just not possible! 

Do you mind sending me the addresses of all of your Sisters? I need to send them Christmas cards. Don't worry, yours in on the way :)

So we had a really weird experience this past week. Last Tuesday the Sisters gave us a call letting us know that a family was at the hospital and was requesting a priesthood blessing. It was a life or death situation so we drove over as fast as we could, but it was too late. We walked into the room and met two grieving parents over the loss of their 8 year old son. He went into cardiac arrest and had passed 30 minutes before we arrived. I've never felt so helpless or questioned why bad things happen to good people so much in my life. The worst part was the boy was just laying there on the table and we didn't know what to say. After a little while we were able to give the father a blessing and assist him in giving a blessing to his wife. That was the most powerful experience I have ever been a part of. I've never truly felt how much our Father in Heaven loves his children until that moment. The Spirit was so strong. I'll never be able to forget that experience. 

Other than that, this week was pretty typical. Oh wait, I just lied. We actually had a baptism on Saturday! ***** (from Yugoslavia) was baptized Saturday morning and confirmed Sunday morning. Missionaries have been working with her on and off for about 12 years, but Elder Lonas and I were here when she was ready to be baptized. It was great! She even got up and bore her testimony yesterday. Gotta love the way the gospel changes lives.

I guess I'll be talking to you in 3 weeks! Love ya and I'll talk to you soon :)

Elder Burton

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