Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Letter Home- November 5th, 2012

I can't believe it's already November! And I survived my first transfer here in the WA-TAC. We've been noticing some awesome miracles here in Bremerton. We had our first real convert baptism this past Saturday which was way cool. A few weeks ago Elder West and Elder Jones ran into this young woman named M____ who was really interested in learning about different religions. She agreed to go on a church tour and absolutely loved everything about the church. A few days later she brought up baptism and knew that was definitely what she needed. She has changed so much and is now an official member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Elder Thornton and I have been teaching a new investigator named S_______ who is a recovering addict. She has done EVERYTHING since she was 14 and finally decided she needed to change her lifestyle. Apparently she never allows missionaries into her place, but agreed to talk to us for some reason. She is awesome! She has soaked up every little thing we have taught her and knows what we teach is true doctrine. She's co-habbing right now, but has been diligently looking for a new place to live so she can be baptized. We just got news today that she has been approved for housing in an area that isn't supposed to be available. Crazy to think that we all fasted for her to be able to find a place yesterday..... Definitely not a coincidence! Anyway, she'll be able to move in to her new place by the end of November!

So, some sad news now. We got transfer calls Saturday which I have been dreading for some time. Turns out everyone in our district is staying here in Bremerton.... except for me. Ha, what? It's really weird for a greenie to move areas, especially since my trainers are staying together without me. I'll be companions with Elder Bell just across the sound in Orchard Heights. We're opening a new area (also not common for a greenie to do). So, I'll be in the same zone which is good, but I'll be in a completely different situation. Oh, and it's a bike area.....! I really hate change so I'm stressing like crazy, but hopefully it'll all turn out alright.

As for holidays on the mission, here in the WA-TAC missionaries are normally invited to member's houses for dinner. We'll see if that happens for Bell and I since we don't know any members.... hopefully I eat some turkey this year.

So yeah, basically this past week has been a crazy emotional roller coaster. Although, I came to a conclusion as to why all of this crazy stuff has been happening to me lately. We are never supposed to be comfortable. Jesus Christ himself, who lived a perfect life, never had it easy. Who am I to ask for the easy way out and constant comfort? We are meant to grow and be strengthened as we go through trials and live this life. That's why I'm getting transfered. Obviously Heavenly Father thinks I need to grow up or something..... Ha, sucks for me :P

Anyway, I love you and can't wait for Christmas so I can call you! Only like 2 more months!! :)

Love ya,
Elder Burton

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