Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Come Thou Font

Ok, I have a bit more time, so I can let you know how the mission has been going so far :)
This past week we had 6 investigators make it out to sacrament meeting. 6! Isn't that crazy?! Seems like our work is definitely starting to pay off :) We have been dealing with a few people and their individual issues. Seeing the problems people face really helps me appreciate my family and friends. My life seems perfect compared to most of those we have been teaching. Satan is a very real opponent and does all he can to bring us down, but if we constantly look to Christ and follow His example there isn't anything we can't get through. Trails will come, hardships will fall upon us, but through the Atonement we will have enough strength to push through.
We had another fireside that we missionaries put on last night. 4 of our investigators were able to make it out. "Tribute to Christ" is really the best way to end a very spiritually uplifting day :) All of our investigators were overwhelmed with the Spirit while we sang (mostly while Elder Major sang "Come Thou Fount").
Anyway, the days just get better and better here in Bremerton. We are working hard and making every moment count :)
Love you all,
Elder Burton

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