Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Letter Home-May 6th


Ahh, Cinco de Mayo..... ha, thanks for reminding me. Honestly, I forgot.
But you really can't blame me, I was a little focused on the fact that I've
been out for 8 months! It's weird thinking that I'm one of the older
missionaries in the mission.

Whoa, we have sister missionaries now?! If they
have the same determination and drive as the sisters up here do then
they'll bring so many people to the gospel. Can't wait to see how much the
ward has changed since I've been there!

Oh man, I can't wait for Mother's day! It's gonna be so good to talk to
you! I'll be able to use Skype, so hopefully the connection is good this
time. It should be a lot better than Christmas. We'll be at Brother K____'s
house. He's kinda the guy that adopts all the missionaries that come into
the Olalla Ward. He's super fun.

So we have been seeing a surprising amount of success here in Olalla, like
the bishop and all the auxiliaries are way surprised. Right now we have 4
people on date (two for two weeks out and two for three weeks out) and a
couple other progressing investigators. Not bad for getting doubled in
three weeks ago with no teaching pool. We met this one girl named A_____
this past week while tracting just before dinner. We knocked on her door
and she came up to the door and said "Mom, It's the Mormons! What do you
want me to say?" Oh snap, I was prepared for the worst. So like after a
minute she opened the door and I was all "So....you know who we are.....you
wanna talk about Christ?" Surprisingly she said "Yeah, I would." Ok,
totally not the response I was expecting. Well, we taught her about the
Restoration and set up a church tour for the following day. She showed up
with two of her eight siblings (I know, I started salivating when she said
she was the oldest of eight kids) and half way through her boyfriend, C___,
showed up. She asked about baptism so naturally we invited both of them to
be baptized! Way cool. When we told Bishop Theel he just laughed. Ha,
miracles are the best. A_____ even came to church yesterday with another
two siblings and later texted us thanking us for inviting her. Ahh, she's
so golden! Our other family that we are working with, the B_______'s, are
coming along just fine as well. The two kids in that family are set to be
baptized on the 18th. It's gonna be an awesome transfer!

Ok, well my hand is cramping. Luckily I won't have to type as much next
week since I can just tell you everything that's going on on Sunday! YAY
PHONES! Alright, love you and I'll talk to you soon.

Love you!
Love, Elder Burton

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