Sunday, January 13, 2013

Letter Home- January 7, 2013

This past week has been insane. The weather has been absolutely amazing the past few days and we have been working our butts off. As a mission, we made a goal to find more new than ever before this week (somewhere around 350) and as we did numbers last night we found that we just missed our goal (345 or so). However, so many places were seeing incredible miracles and finding more new than the previous weeks. Between the four of us, we found 18 new (10 of which Elder Larson and I found) so that was way exciting!
Just this past Saturday we had a cool experience that I want to share with you. The day hadn't been going to plan at all.... Nobody was answering their doors, people just weren't home, and nobody would answer the phones. It was pretty tough so I decided that we should go to Subway and eat a quick lunch. Well, we walked in and before I could even pay for my sandwhich the two girls working the counter started asking questions about what we do as missionaries. As I was talking to them Elder Larson had a customer come up to him and start asking questions about the church. Later on it dawned on me that I had been keeping a prayer in my heart the entire day asking for guidance and direction as we tried getting ahold of investigators. PRAYER WORKS.
Today we are planning on going to the mall :) Elder Watts and Elder Gray got permission to come down from Gig Harbor today so we are going to hang out with them! I wish you could be here to meet all the great missionaries. I know these guys are gonna be friends for life. Man, going on a mission was definitely the best decision I've made so far :)
Love you and I'll talk to you soon! 
-Elder Burton

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